how to care for your tan



-Exfoliate body and shave unwanted body hair. We recommend our 'Tan Can - Body Scrub' for optimal exfoliation.
-We recommend you do not apply body lotion or deodorant prior to your tan.
-Wear comfortable clothing, preferably dark colored and loose fitting to avoid excess contact after your spray tan.


-You may shower in as little as 4 hours following a rapid tan, however, we recommend waiting 6-8 hours for best results.
-We recommend wiping down hands and feet within 1-2 hours of service.
-Avoid any activity that would cause sweating; exercise, cleaning, or showering, as your spray tan is developing during these hours.
-Contact with water or sweat could result in lines or uneven tanning.
Your First Shower
-Shower normally with Luke warm water. You will see some color wash away from your skin. This is completely normal and was only the bronzer. Do not be concerned by this, as your developed tan is still there.
-Wash gently, no exfoliants. We recommend our 'Tan Can - Body Wash'
-While you are drying, remember to pat, not rub your skin.
-Apply our 'Tan Can - Body Butter' tan-extending moisturizer (please ask your tanning technician for more information).